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Sea and hills

Carrara and Apuane Alps

alpi apuane

at 20 minutes The Alps in addition to its beauty and grandeur, are important for the extraction of white Carrara marble, that artists like Michelangelo in the Italian Renaissance have used for works famous throughout the world. Carrara offers with its port and the marble induced an important center in the economy (after considering the exhibitions devoted to marble) and tourism view that a stretch from the beaches of Costa very beautiful and thanks to Apuane and Lunigiana.

Forte dei Marmi


at 10 minutes Born as a port in ancient times for the transport of Marble. Today it has certainly lost this feature to become one of the most mundane location in Versilia given the presence of the most cool seaside resorts and clubs on the coast.

Cinque Terre

le 5 terre

at 50 minutes Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e riomaggiore. These five towns are located in a hilly territory consisting of depreciation that descend towards the sea with steep slopes. Here the work of man has operated without altering the delicate ecological balance but rather enhancing the beauty of the striking views and unmissable coves.

Torre del Lago Puccini

torre del lago

at 10 minutes Giacomo Puccini's favourite place, it has become famous for many cultural events such as the Puccini's Summer. For years tourism destination thanks to its beaches and its establishments. Torre del Lago is also well-known for its clubs and pubs on the seafront, a night life town.